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Starting with your unique identities and missions, we facilitate creating the leadership, vision, alignment and trust necessary to leverage resources and collaborate to achieve desired individual and collective strategic outcomes. In the process, individual organizational sustainability is strengthened by creating scale and maintaining relevance.





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New or More Effective Services

Improved Individual Organizational Effectiveness and Sustainability


What is created?

A "community" or multi-sided platform that builds on strengths and minimizes weaknesses. Multi-sided platforms create value primarily by enabling and facilitating direct interactions between two or more participant organizations.

Great platforms allow an entire community of interests to participate in creating and adding value. This is done by matching individuals to engage with specific programs and initiatives they are passionate about and/or that serve their needs. Frequently, platform based organizations evolve from other intended operational models.  The key is that opportunities are created that allow other strategic partners or community members to contribute on the platform to get more of what they need.

Multi-sided platforms bring together two or more distinct but interdependent groups of stakeholders. Such platforms are of value to one group of stakeholders only if the other groups of stakeholders are also present.   The platform creates value by facilitating interactions between the different groups. A multi-sided platform grows in value to the extent that it attracts more users, a phenomenon known as the network effect.

Ultimately, the platform is a system that helps people create opportunities and networks of their own around needed or desired services. The more participants, the stronger the network effects and the more dynamic the organizational platform.  The required characteristics that must be present to create an effective platform environment are openness and collaboration.

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