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about us


Strat is short for strategic or strategy. We provide you the tools and processes for effective strategic action.

Co is about co-creating and collaborating. Working together, we strengthen resilience in transformational ways.

Lab or laboratory is all about iterative learning, exploring and acting. We provide a social innovation platform that accelerates learning, exploring and acting.

about us

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We are a pro bono social innovation research and consulting practice focused on empowering passionate partners to thrive in order to respond more effectively to great needs.

Our partners thrive by embodying and strengthening their ability to be agile and resilient in the face of change.

stratcolab, born from over 40 years of organizational and community development experience, is grounded on capacity building work from around the world. Its staff are highly skilled and experienced practitioners of agile leadership and capacity building to strengthen  resilience and facilitate transformation. Our methodology is based on the need for rigorous assessment, tailored facilitation, and continuous coaching during strategy execution.

Our values and vision

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We are positive and inclusive people, passionate about having fun and helping others thrive.


We are open-minded and discerning people exploring, asking and learning to be more transformative.


We are agile, creative and engaging in how we make a difference.


We provide the tools and strengthen capacity to think and act systemically.


We are a platform that cultivates networks of people and organizations to thrive.


We are in this for the long haul for organizational, community and eco-system resilience.


We share and walk alongside others to empower and build the capacity to be resilient.

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