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Edition 1

June 2019


Welcome to the first edition of:

The stratcolab(TM) Standard

The stratcolab Standard is the online journal of professional insights by the resilience lead team of stratcolab -- Dave Siburg (organizational agility & resilience lead) and Thomas Francis-Siburg (community resilience lead).

Click here to learn more about Dave & Thomas.

As a professional or academic colleague of the resilience lead team, we are excited to share with you this first editions of The stratcolab Standard. In it you will find "Dave's Ponderings", "Thomas's Community Connection" and more.

-- A note from Dave --

Greetings Colleagues!

We are stratcolab, a social innovation research and consulting practice focused on empowering passionate and resilient partners to thrive in order to respond more effectively to great needs.


We work strategically with organizations and communities to explore, act and learn together to become future-ready – that is to become resilient and transformative in order to serve the Common Good and make a positive difference in people’s lives. We employ a variety of practical methods, processes and tools that have been developed and honed over more than three decades of practice. If our passion and experiences for resilient organizations and communities resonate with yours, I encourage you to explore our site more fully.

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